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Mastering the Morning Run

05 April, 2013 0 comments

Mastering the Morning Run


Mastering the morning run

Do you have a friend or co-worker that always shows up glowing and energized to morning meetings, while everybody else is still trying to hide their sleepy yawns? The secret behind their glow might be morning runs.

But here’s a secret for you! Mastering the morning run is not as difficult as it may seem, and it comes with a load of bonuses!

Why run in the mornings?

Morning runs have a number of benefits.

They help you start your day off right. Morning runs can relieve stress and improve your mood, so you’ll be ready to ace the rest of your day! Also, since you’ve already completed a workout, you can now concentrate on anything else you have on the agenda – no worrying about when you’ll fit that run into your schedule anymore!

Also, morning runs can help you to become healthier, since they give your body a metabolism boost, making it burn calories at a faster rate.

Mornings are the best time to take to the streets. The traffic is limited, so there’s less pollution to worry about. Also, being all alone in the street can feel like you rule the place. Additionally, there’s nobody to judge how you look, so you can rule the streets wearing your oldest sweatshirt. That is cool.

How to master the morning run?

There are many tricks for getting into the habit. While some are more serious, others might sound silly. The important part is finding what works for you, even if it looks crazy.

1. Go to bed early – If you set up your alarm at 5am after having a late night with friends, you might not only feel grumpy and sleepy, but also perform badly. For an optimal performance, make sure you get enough quality sleep the night before, preferrably 7-8 hours.

2. Have a plan – If you have decided on the distance, pace and starting time of your run the day before, you are more likely to go through with it. Additionally, you won’t have to spend time on figuring these things out in the morning when you are likely to be sleepy.

3. Leave enough time for the run – When pressed with time, it is easy to justify not leaving the house by saying that there isn’t enough time for a good workout anyway. Thus, wake up earlier than you think you need to. This way, you’ll manage to perform a great run, and will have plenty of time for showering, having breakfast and getting ready for the day. 

4. Tell somebody – If you feel like you can’t trust yourself not pressing that snooze button over and over, tell a friend or family member about your plan to do a morning run. This way, you’ll have to answer to someone in case you get lazy. Also, they might even be helpful by waking you up, whether in person or by phone.

5. Follow a training schedule – If you are following a training schedule, there are certain workouts that you just can’t miss if you want to achive your aims. Thus, having morning runs as essential parts of a schedule will make it less likely you would skip them. Want to achieve a PB at that 5k in a few months’ time? Get up and run!

6. Get a buddy – If you have agreed to meet somebody for a morning run, you are unlikely to stay in bed. Leaving a running buddy waiting on a street corner at 7AM would be rude – and you would look like a quitter! So, convince a friend or find a buddy on to have help with kickstarting your day.

7. Set your alarm far away – Getting back to bed is so much less inviting if you’ve already had to get up to turn off your alarm at the other side of the room. Thus, to make sure you get up (and stay up!) the first time, put your alarm clock somewhere you can’t easily reach it when it goes off in the morning.

8. Motivate yourself the night before – Why is that you want do that run? Remind yourself of your goals, about how good running makes you feel, about all the aforementioned benefits morning runs can give you. Doing so before going to bed means that you are more likely to wake up motivated and focused on your goals.

9. Just do it – Thinking can lead to overthinking. Will you have enough time? What should you wear? Would an hour of extra sleep make you a better person? Stop thinking and just do it. Put some clothes on, get out, start running! The more you practice this, the faster and more automatic it will become.

10. Lay out your running clothes – With your running clothes waiting for you when you wake up, you’ll have less preparation to do for the actual run. Also, they are a reminder of your promise to get out, staring right at you when you open your eyes!

11. Sleep in your running clothes – A more extreme version of the previous advice, this is for those who really find it hard to find that motivation to get into workout clothes and out of the house in the morning. You’ve already done part of the effort! Changing out of running clothes without going for the actual run would be silly, especially in front of a significant other who might start mocking you.

12. Get some caffeine – Some of us just need a kick to make us start the day. If you can’t open your eyes without a cup of coffee, have your coffee first. Then, you can get yourself ready and go for a run in a half an hour, feeling energized. There is evidence that caffeine might also be beneficial for some workouts – that’s double motivation!


Final word of motivation

Are you ready to conquer that morning run yet?

Research indicates that morning runners are more likely to be consistent in their running than those who do it later in the day. That means you just have to get started!

So, don’t wait too long – become that glowing energized person at the morning meeting!

If you’ve got any additional tips for mastering the morning run – do share!


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