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24 June, 2014 0 comments

money saving summer kit for ladies



If you enjoy running outside all year round, you will be fully aware of how your kit choices will change from one climate to the next. Although many of the better known sports brands can be pricey at times, there has recently been a surge in high street stores offering sports apparel in their collections, which  means you no longer have to spend a lot for good quality, technical fabric running clothes!

Unlike your day to day garments, your active wear will always be put through its paces and ultimately need replacing more regularly. Regardless of the price tag, no one pair of trainers of leggings are going to last forever, so it’s worth thinking about what items will give you the most value when you compare retail price against shelf life.

The surge in fashion based sportswear also means you can choose patterns and colours that are more on trend. Here we look at our top five high street buys for ladies who love a bargain as much as they love their running.



Sports shoes are probably the most important piece of fitness equipment you’ll buy, so it's vital to pick the right pair for the right season. Mike O’Neill, from The Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists, said: “Unfortunately, 65 per cent of the UK’s recreational sportsmen and women wear the wrong shoes for their chosen sport. Trainers are the most important piece of fitness equipment you’ll ever buy, and changing what you wear on your feet can prevent injuries.”

A stylish choice for novice runners, these lightweight sneakers have a rubber sole and vibrant contrast-coloured upper. They come in various colours and prints, and promise to perform just as good on the treadmill as they do on the street. An absolute steal at only £17 from Dunnes Stores.


Sunglasses for runners2. SUNGLASSES

Sunglasses are fundamental in protecting the eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and eye damage, and are absolute must for the Summer. They also help to reduce glare, and act as an effective wind barrier. Even if you wear contact lenses, sunglasses will help to keep your eyes moist and prevent windblown particles from getting in and causing any corneal abrasion. Consider close-fitting “wrap” style frames as these are a particularly effective barrier.

These sporty wraps from Sunglass Junkie are only £15 and offer great flexibility and comfort for all round sports performance.




The bright Summer season is the perfect excuse to step away from those bland block colours, and invest in something a little more vibrant! Bright, acid colours and striking prints in sportswear are huge trends, so you should feel spoilt for choice. This design is just one of the many on offer from Dunnes Stores from just £12.

Aside from the visual appearance, wearing bright colours can actually act as a safety precaution as it makes you more visible to the public, cyclists and cars; particularly important if you enjoy running on the roads.



According to experts, up to 60 per cent of women experience breast pain when exercising, and new research has revealed that 57 per cent do not wear a sports bra. Going without the correct support can also cause breast pain and upper back and shoulder problems.

Contrary to what you may think, there are no muscles in the breast, only the skin and the delicate Cooper's Ligaments that support the breast tissue. Once the ligaments have been stretched beyond their limit, as a result of breast movement during exercise, no amount of toning exercises can restore them. Unsupported breasts during exercise can have two key negative impacts: breast pain and irreversible breast sag. Regardless of size all active women need to wear a sports bra as unsupported breast movement can be as much as 4cm in A cups and up to 14cm in G cups.

In the hotter months when you are prone to higher levels of perspiration and chaffing, a seamfree sports bra will make all the difference. For only £6 at Primark you can choose between a host of colours and prints in this design.



If you’re not a fan of shorts, simply switching from longer length to cropped leggings will make a huge difference to the comfort of your run as the weather warms up. The wide waistband on this design from Heatons for only £12 prevents any sliding when you’re exercising, and even have a little bit of compression in them which keeps everything exactly where you want it. 


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