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Running Gadgets for Christmas?

27 December, 2014 0 comments

Running gadgets - make sure you're still running this time next year.

Got Running Gadgets for Christmas?

How to make sure you are still running this time next year!

So, you got yourself a bunch of new running gear and some new running gadgets to help you get in shape in 2015. It's an exciting time of year when right about now we start to think about how we work off those extra inches that you've put on over the festive period.

We hear from runners all the time and over the years there seems to be a pattern emmerging. Here are a couple of pointers to help you ensure that you are still running this time next year.

Take It Slow

Remember that new running kit and gadgets might make you look good, but they done make you superhuman. You won't suddently be able to run a personal best just because you have a new set of running shoes or a GPS watch.  Remember to start slow and build up gradually, you dont want to start the year with an injury.

Learn How it Works

GPS watches, Running Apps, these often come with so many useful features and yet most of us dont know how to activate them.  Take your time, understand your running gadgets, read the manual every couple of months and refresh your memory on what features you have at your disposal.

Find A Running Partner

If you are just starting out you need to be extra careful with how fast you takle this new found passion to get fit.  The key thing is to ensure that you dont push yourself so hard that you injure yourself. So start slow, enjoy the journey. The best way to do this is to find someone, a friend, a neighbour that is also keen to start running and getting fitter for 2015.  Together you can keep eachother motivated and on track.  You can of course search for a running partner on

Set Realistic Goals

Set your goals and make them realistic. Set yourself a plan based around your running gadgets. What does it measure? Minutes per mile, distance, heart rate.  Take each of the metrics and work out some incremental improvements.  Dont be too  ambitious, but a plan can help you stay on track with your running.


In summary, remember that your Christmas gifts wont give you superhuman powers, you need to get back into running gradually.  Take it easy, make 2015 about being a fitter you! avoid injury, but making a plan and gradually increase your goals.  Find a running partner and share the experience.  Have a safe and healthy 2015!








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