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Short distance running tips

12 April, 2015 0 comments

Running short distances

Find a buddy

Short distance running tips

There are many different advantages of running shorter distances, rather than running long distances.

For example it makes you use more fast twitch muscle fibres, strengthen your leg muscles more, improve you cardiovascular as well as improving your running speeds. Other benefits include shorter recovery time, less likely to injure yourself and you may just find you have more fun.

Here is our short distance running tips guide.

Shorter distance runs and races are perfect for those who enjoy sprinting and jogging. A longer distance run can be more intense and can take longer to train for.

Jogging buddy

Having a jogging buddy train with you is really useful, they can help motivate you and even help you record times etc. as well as sharing short distance running tips.

To find a jogging buddy near you log onto


Warm up

You should always warm up whether it is for long or short distances. This will help warm up your cold muscles and gets your blood flowing preparing your body for the workout ahead.


Carb load

For shorter running it is not necessary for you to carb load before, a pre-training snack is much better for you.



As you are doing a shorter workout you do not need to take water with you. Be careful that you do not drink too much water as it can cause stomach cramps.

If at first you don’t succeed try try try again

One of the good things about running a shorter distance race is that if you didn’t get the outcome you desired you can try again in a week or two however, if you are running a long distance race you have to train for weeks and months so it is a lot harder.



Some runners who run long distances tend to buy shoes that are heavier as they are better, however if you are only looking to run shorter distance then swap your heavier trainers for performance one; though you should only wear them if you are an experienced runner. Performance trainers should be lighter and the cushioning is not as crucial for shorter distances.

Long or short

Before you begin your training you should make up your mind if you want to run long or short distances.

You should be aiming to run either long or short distances not both at the same time, this is because you are at higher risk of injuring yourself as you are training for both types which adds stress onto your muscles.



Your training should consist of running shorter distance but at a faster pace.

Add hill sprints to your workout regime as they can be useful alongside some weight training

To run faster over shorter distance you should improve your efficiency by making sure your posture is correct. When you speed up you will find that your body will automatically adjust more, meaning each sprint will be more efficient.

During a shorter distance you are able to gain more power by sprinting.

Fast twitch fibres get neglected during long distance competitions, but in shorter distance races a sprint can teach your brain to convert a full range of muscle fibres, the safest way to achieve is by starting off with uphill sprints.


Cool down

The last but not least short distance running tip is do not forget to cool down

Again whether it is for long or short distance you should always do a cool down after your workout otherwise you could cause yourself an injury.

Thank you for reading our short distance running tips we trust you have enjoyed it and have a plan worked out for running shorter distances in the future.

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