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26 April, 2014 0 comments

Old Running Shoes tell the story of their journey


Every pair tells a tale of its journey.  Some neglected for a long time, others praying for a day off.  Some complain about the heat and the sand while others bitch about the rain, mud and dirt -  but all this in silence.

The shoe that fits perfectly every time, the show that delivers every time you ask it to.  The shoe that sometimes becomes the excuse for turning back early. They have been there with you, every step of the way, through rain, wind, mud and heat!

It's time to acknowledge them wit a tribute.

Old Running Shoes.  My StoryJoggingBuddy founder, Tony Piedade talks us throug his story.

My trusted pair of Asics Kayano T900N.  I have had these for 4.5 years. I have been known to forget my suit shoes, but never my running shoes.   If my Asics had a passport it would show they are well travelled, covering mileage in London, Portugal, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Russia and even a brief visit to it's [manufacturing] birth place, China. 

We havent always got on! -  a brief spell of sore ankles made me think it was the Shoe, but a brief affair with another pair proved short lived as I reveted back to my trusted Asics. We ran the 2010 London marathon together, The Bath Half Marathon and a number of shorter outings doing local 5K and 10Ks.

The Asics has had quite an easy life. I am not a particularly keen wet weather runner, so our runs together have mainly been during nice spring days or in the head of Asia when I am on business trips.

Asics has had to get use to early morning.  Jet lag on business trips  often mean that we are out running at really odd times of the day.  Pounding the streets at 4am may seem crazy, but when you're awake, when the rest of the world is asleep, there is only one thing on my mind.. let run.

If my shoes could speak they would probably say " you need to lose some more weight dude -  I remember you being much lighter!" - like most, my weight fluctuates and right now i feel heavy footed when I run. By they are still there, supporting me all the way.

There are many Asics out there, but this pair is mine! 


My Old Running ShoesSofia - Singapore and her Saucony Tangent

I would like to share my pair of Saucony Tangent shoes. You probably wouldn't be able to find it anywhere anymore. I bought it like US$40 in Singapore at a warehouse sale many years ago. It was light and had brought me through many speedy races and even some marathons. You may have wondered why they have been threaded at the back. Yes my father-in-law has been nice enough trying to sew the soles of the shoes back when I cried badly when they fell apart. I have named these my speedy good luck shoes as they have brought me many PB. These days, I would only bring them out at short races








What's your story? -  what would your shoes say about you?



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