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How to increase your running pace

01 February, 2015 0 comments

improve your running pace

How to increase your running pace

Are you running at a comfortable pace but now would like to push yourself a bit further?

Have you beat your personal best but want to stretch yourself a bit more?

Here is our guide to how to increase your running pace

Warm up

Ensure that you do a more thorough work out. For example if you walk for a few minutes, then run for approximately half a mile. Make sure to include walk breaks into your new warm up.

Build up slowly

Do not try to increase your pace too quickly.

The aim is to build up slowly otherwise you could do yourself an injury.

If you work out feels like it is really easy over the next month, this is a sign it is time to increase your pace.

Improve your turnover rate

The turnover rate is the speed in which you lift your feet off the ground.  By working on building up your turn over rate, you can run faster therefore increasing your running pace.

This is easily done. To do this write down where you would like to be ie set a distance or time that would be a challenge for you.

Then count each time your foot hits off the ground, then after a break try again but try and have slightly higher number of foot hits.

Try a tempo run

Many athletes use temp running for many different activities or sports.

To try out a tempo run just warm up at a slower speed, then carry on with a medium length interval of medium-hard running, followed by another interval which was the same as the first but this time you are cooling down at a comfortable speed.

If you mix this in with your runs, you will increase your speed over time and increase your running pace.

Long Run

For a long run you should increase your length every two weeks, this will help extend endurance limits and can also improve concentration

Long run are very good for you as they  improve your cardiovascular  plumbing system, which then helps deliver the blood to the muscles you are exercising. You should aim for your long run to be 3 to 4 minutes slower than you can run per mile in a 5 K race.

You should vary your type of training, for example your week should include three runs: a short run, a fast effort run and a longer run but are moderately high intensity. Make sure that you do them on different days, not three days in a row. On the days you choose not to do these three run, you should be doing a slow and easy run.

The alternated runs means that you fitter than if you did a whole week of high intensity training.


As you are increasing your running pace, you are more likely to injure yourself. Please make sure your goals are realistic and that you are not pushing your body too much.

Cool Down

Don’t forget to cool down but this time jog slowly, using walk breaks as much as you like.


Make sure that you keep up with your training programme. Many athletes allow themselves to get out of shape by not being consistent enough. By ensuring that you are training regularly means that you will start a new year at a higher fitness level, allowing you to achieve your goals.


Enjoy it

And above all, have fun.

Running can be fun, whether it is on your own or with a jogging buddy.

Thank you for reading and hope you manage to increase your running pace.


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