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Marathon running tips for beginners

18 December, 2014 0 comments

tips for running a marathon

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Marathon running tips for beginners

With125, 000 people signing up to the London Marathon this year with Virgin, marathon running as an achievement or hobby has become increasingly popular.

Join celebrities such as Will Ferrell, Pamela Anderson and Ryan Reynolds who have trained hard to complete a marathon as a goal in their lives. Running a marathon can seem quite daunting at first but our top tips can help you get off to a great start.

Marathons are very challenging for a first time runner, however with the right training and the right mental stamina we are confident you can do it.

Here are our top tips to help get you started on your running career or hobby.


 Assess your goals

The first thing to do is to think about your goals. Why are you doing this? Perhaps it is a fun hobby or something for you to tick off your bucket list. Your goals do not have to be anything fancy; they can simply be just to “lose weight.

A timed marathon can be a great help because you have a personal best and a time to beat, tapping into your competitive streak.


Many people sign up to gym every January with the goal to lose weight however after a month or so they quickly get bored and end up quitting. With the right motivation you are sure to see this through to the very end.

Wear the correct clothes and shoes by researching the best ones on the market. Make sure you wear the correct clothing and the right trainers. You will be running a lot therefore you need to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. 

The shoes are the most important because they are designed to fit feet with different arches, pronation and more, so have a look around in your local shopping centre.

Eating the right foods

Make sure you are also eating the right foods. Carbohydrates are the perfect fuel for runners and it should be 65% of your calorie intake a day. Having a healthy diet means that you will have a stronger body.

Remember to drink

Always carry a water bottle with you when running because you will get dehydrated. Make sure you are drinking between 6-8 oz every 20 minutes. Drink more on a hot day and less on a cold day.

Pre training

Before you start with the challenge of marathon running, you should always train your body beforehand. Your body is not used to it therefore you could do some damage.

With pre training it is not distance that matters as that will come on later but it is all about getting your body used to running. Can you comfortably run 30 minutes non-stop? As it can take a few hours to complete a marathon. Do not run every day as your body will need time to recover. Create yourself a schedule where you run every other day. If you do not like the idea of training alone why not find a jogging buddy? Our site can help you find one near you.

Avoid injury by warming up first.

It is very easy to pull a muscle and injure yourself in other ways. To avoid injury you should create a warm up plan and include a combination of walks and runs.

Find a marathon near you

As you have started training you can now find a local event or marathon to run in.We would suggest a couple of shorter marathon to start with, to build yourself up to long distance marathons.

Thank you for reading our article. We hope that you will find it useful and wish you all the best in running your marathon.


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