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06 September, 2014 0 comments

Running technology |


5 Examples of Running Technology that Will Help You Run Indoors or Out

Gretchen Reynolds found out when researching the best exercises for the New York Times that there probably is no “single best  exercise”, but  running certainly is a contender. Running is a great way to get fit and to improve the fitness you already have, and whether you are running short distances or marathons, the benefits will mount up as your stamina improves, you lose weight, and become physically fitter. Jogging has been incredibly popular over the last few decades and continues to be so, and many people owe their current fitness levels to jogging around our parks and through our streets. However, running outdoors is not for everybody, and for those people the local gym or a home treadmill is the running choice. Choosing to run indoors comes with the same demands as outdoor running, and though some of the equipment and apparel you  will need will be the same, some of it will be more specialized. Here are some of my favorite pieces of equipment and gadgets that will help those who prefer to run indoors, while still being helpful to those who like to run in the open air.

Energy Boost Shoes

I think it is only right that we start with the latest technology in footwear.Fitness magazine tells us in its running 101 article that “the most important investment runners should make is in a good pair of running shoes’ and that holds true no matter how experienced you are and where you are running. Running shoe technology is advancing all of the time, and Adidas often lead the way with their comprehensive ranges. The energy boost shoe is one of their latest designs and is designed to help you in your running on all surfaces including gyms and on a treadmill. The “energy boost” foam is designed to return to its original shape after each stride and helps to put some spring back into your step. The sole is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, and will not only help boost your running style, it will provide a cushion to help your joints take the strains put on them.  These running shoes are a must for the serious runner; indoors or out.

NordicTrack commercial 2950

If you are running indoors, you are probably going to be using a treadmill, and though many people enjoy using a treadmill just as many find its static view utterly boring. But the engineers at NordicTrack have come up with a solution that should keep everybody happy. Whether you want to watch your favorite movie, cable TV show, or connect to the internet, the 2950 will help you do it. The android device that the 2950 uses gives you access to over 40 fitness programs and the treadmill works in tandem with your virtual run, adjusting inclines and speeds alike. This may not be the perfect choice for those running on a budget, but if you could afford one for your home you would never need to leave your home for a run again. This is a great way to take the monotony out of your indoor running.


If you are using a more basic treadmill that the 2950, don’t worry, you can still have entertainment on your indoor run. Music is a great way to keep your mind off the miles you are eating up on your treadmill, but whether you are using an MP3 player or your smart phone you are going to need a good pair of headphones. The latest music players will probably give you the ability to use Bluetooth, which can be a great benefit if you find the constant flapping of cables an annoyance, but Bluetooth headsets are notorious for giving a lower quality sound. Enter the Yurbuds cordless headphones. Yurbuds headsets are already famous for their reliability, comfort, and security, but with this addition to their range they now have the added bonus of a Bluetooth headset that gives great sound as well. No more of the notorious tinny sound of other Bluetooth headsets, you can look forward to great sound quality on the treadmill.

Garmin Forerunner 910XT

If you see a runner looking at his watch, the chances are that he is not worried about getting home in time for lunch, but is in fact checking his heart rate or the distance he has run. These calculations are one of the benefits of using a treadmill, but not all runners like to be wired up to have their heart rate measured, and many do not like to rely on the calibration of a machine used as often as one in a gym. This is where a runners watch come in so handy. The 910XT has been developed by Garmin as a multi sports watch, and includes everything a runner could need for indoor as well as outdoor running, and even down to its larger than usual display face has been well thought out. This is a gadget for the serious runner, and though, like other quality sports watches, the indoor runner will need to wear a footpod, and heart rate monitor to take full advantage of this watch, it is a small price to pay for the analytical capabilities and the programs that have been built in to aid your running. This is simply one of the best watches available for any runner, swimmer, or cyclist.


This excellent little gadget is the perfect answer for the runner who is concentrating on losing weight through running. The band analyses the amount of energy you are using, and lets you know how many calories you are burning off. This is a much more reliable way to monitor the calories you burn through a day or through a workout, and with the ability to upload the information onto the Nike website for further analysis, you will be able to see where you need to improve your weight loss regime, and where you are doing well. This is a cheap little gadget that will make the most of your time on the road or the treadmill.

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