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Which Sports drinks Are good for you?

10 January, 2015 0 comments


Sports Drinks

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Which Sports drinks Are good for you?

The labels and pictures on the bottle of sports drinks often suggest they are.

For serious runners who like intense workout and runs that can last longer than 90 minutes, then sports drinks are a good way to replenish your energy. While some people may argue that water is better, water unfortunately does not hydrate you as well as it passes through the body quickly.

Water Vs Sport Drinks

Water is good for you as it does things such as regulate your body temperature, moistens your lungs to help you breathe and has ions which help keeps those cells of your working.

Water has even benefits and is very good for you as it flushes through your system, cleaning out your body. We are also made up of 70% of water but be careful as you can drink too much.

However water is only good to drink during shorter workout. This is because during a long workout you lose a lot of water. As you are losing ions are well, this can upset the balance and cause dehydration. You need to keep your minerals and ion balanced otherwise it can cause you some damage.

Sport Drinks Vs Water

Sport drinks can help with endurance and improve performance. They are only good for if your workout is longer than 60 minutes, this is because they contain a lot of sugar and during longer runs; you will get more energy and may even beat your personal best.

Sport drinks help replenish the glucose which you are burning off during your run, as well as rehydrating you.

Which sport drinks are good for you?

According to some research a good sports drink contains carbohydrates and sodium.

Carbohydrates give you more energy and sodium is good as it maintains fluid balance.

An icon tonic drink often absorbs into your body compared to water, this is because it contains a solution of 6-8% of carbohydrates.

If you check the label on your drink it should contain around 50ml of sodium per 100ml as well as some potassium, chloride and electrolytes – these will be lost in sweat.

However not all sports drinks are isotonic but that doesn’t mean that these other sport drinks are not good for you. For example Lucozade Sport Hydro Active is hypotonic, this means that the solution is much less concentrated and is meant to be better for water absorption but is fewer in calories and has less carbohydrates.

Why not make your own sport drink?

Worried that manufactures have put too much sugar in today’s products?

Then why not try a homemade sport drink.  Please see recipe below.

Mix 250 ml of normal juice of any flavour with 700-850 ml of water. Then add ¼ of salt.

This will produce an isotonic drink with a solution of about 6-7% carbohydrates.

Therefore this means that if you are an active person running for longer than 60 minutes then sports drinks are good for you. However if you are just drinking them  just because you like them, then you are likely to put on more weight as they are designed for people who do intense runs.

Water is good for you but only for shorter workouts.

When you are running or training, be careful that you do not drink too much. Over hydration can cause serious damage to your body..

Please make sure that you check what is in each drink as some manufacturers may add more sugar than others, meaning that your performance may vary on different ones.

Please drink in moderation as too much of anything is bad for you. You should try and keep a good balance as drinking too much may limit your benefits.


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