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Chris's Running Blog

15 January, 2012 0 comments

Chri's Running Blog


Tuesday 10th Jan


I do believe the party has stared! This was the best run done since September last year, 10 miles, aerobic at 154 average, a bit quicker pace in the 7 minute mile bracket, fluent, faster leg turn over, felt like had plenty left in reserve. Got to mention the best part though, the new trainers, Nike Free Run 2 an awesome shoe, you got to work for it though they don’t hand it to you on a plate. There also a little bit special as they come from Nike ID, & you know what, I’ve not had my name on an item of clothing since the Paddington Duffle coat at infant school. A really pleasing effort today and in the words of Lady Ga Ga “You had your time, you had the power you’ve yet to have your finest hour” Hang on a minute, no Queen Radio Ga Ga, and in the words of another famous British icon “ Never stop believing”!


Wed 11th Jan


After a blistering start just feeling the need to bring it down a peg or two, remembering last weeks midweek blip. Gave Mr Ego a little tickle yesterday as the body tried to re live former glories, give him his due he's kept his hat on for quite a while, well at least since devising this last training plan, moderate or hard, moderate or hard, just because you've got your name on your shoes, that's why you've kept your hat on, sitting there keeping quiet hoping no one will notice, well they have, and I'm telling you now, I'm not doing 10 today, I'm too knackered from yesterday, so get over it I'm doing 7 steady!!


Thursday 12th Jan


Thanks to Kim Brent and Rick for the Cheers, although your probably wondering how is this being written he’s still running, there’s been no “I’ve just crushed another run”, not my words by the way (Brent) from the Nike app thingy, well there won’t be, that finished at 3 miles about the same time that my I phone went racing passed me at a tremendous pace and bouncing four times in the road, unbelievable, the bloody catch that’s used to strap on broke so had the finish the remaining 7 miles with it sort of balancing between the top of my tights and my hip, Imagine thoughtfully! Oh and calibration, not much good when it says “How far did you really run” and gives an option of six miles max! Aesthetically the phone seems ok although not sure if it still works, and a new case required before tomorrow, somehow. Anyway steady away, another “Free Run,” that’s Jantastic nunber 3 and 27 for the week so far, now going out for a meal hope no one wants to get in touch!


Friday 13th Jan


Had to log this as 2 runs as set Garmin up for 9 miles in total not 3 warm up and 6 tempo, it just in with average heart rate of 158, really weird as felt like was really working hard, Its got to be the Frees there such hard work, can’t wait to pull on Lunar racers with energy return, it’ll be like having a turbo fitted, Its just my imagination running away with me. Well thinking about it, that had better be the reason either that or I’m getting drastically worse, no couldn’t possibly be that, oh the freedom to waffle, cheers to endorphins and serotonin! That’s 4 Jantastic runs with a total mileage of 36 so far, I can say now, looking to do 15 on Sunday to take it to 51 for the week, one mile more than the longest week last year, slightly changed the training plan to be more accommodating, should have been 56 miles, ego way out in front, body seems to be catching up, at least its preparing for the harmony that surly must come its way.


Sunday 15th Jan


Weekly goal achieved, 15 miles today, 51 miles for the week, more than any week for the last 12 months, all but 7 done in Frees. Felt ok just after, it’s starting to catch up now as brain is struggling to write this. Got a slight twinge in Soleus muscle, have ice on now then roam roller later, should be ok for next week. I think that phone update may have to wait until tomorrow, while were on the subject of the phone, no I haven’t been running around flashing off a brand new case as ordered on Thursday, no been running around with gypsy ribbon tied around waist with the phone tucked into the top of higher than Simon Cowell’s waist tights, fair play it stayed there until the last half mile or so, then detached from top of tights bouncing around like an exited puppy, so like an exited puppy ended up carrying it to the end. To summarise, on the whole an excellent week of running, I don’t want to speak too soon----- But, nope no tempting fait!!



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