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I love running, I must do

08 July, 2012 0 comments

Julia Armstrong - JoggingBuddy's Ambassador


I love running! I must do, because I seem to be running at mad o clock every day at the moment – my work is very busy and to maintain the miles I believe I need to, both for peace of mind and the level of fitness that I really enjoy, my alarm has been going off at 5am.

I am however becoming used to it. It always interests me how we adapt; how at first it can seem like the middle of the night and now I don’t alter the time my alarm is set for … and race to bed; if possible with lights out at 10pm latest – that seems to be sustaining me enough to feel good running and working and should I want a night out, I’ll take a day off running.

Many of my friendships exist on the run, so my Sunday morning group run is a real social time and the rest of the week I have about three different ‘Jogging buddy’s’ who I really value as friends and training partners. For someone like me who really enjoys depth in conversation, the running route lends itself to ‘authentic one on one dialogue’ which I find a place where I feel I can grow and explore without any distraction.

I have abandoned training diary and even my garmin – I know how far the routes are and in effect I’m running for an average of 2 hours each time I head out, and with one interval session which I do on a cinder track in the park nearby, that seems to be doing ne just fine.

By taking the ‘measuring aspect’ or the ‘adding up aspect’ or even any real planning out of the equation, it is allowing me to manage the upsurge in my work demand and means that the running is supporting it rather than becoming an added stressor…

I have a routine too, which helps. I know who I run with on which days – and I also have two kettle bell sessions factored in, and so all I have to do is show up.

I have entered some races, so I imagine they are drawing me to them and informing some of what I am doing!

This weekend I am off to Horwich to race the National Masters 5k road championships. I have no idea what to expect in terms of possible outcome – but all will, of course, be revealed …!


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