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Polar RS300X sd

13 January, 2012 0 comments

Polar RS 300X Sd


How do you know if you are training at the right intensity? Knowing the time, distance and having a feel for your pace is only part of the tools that you need to ensure your running is on track.  If you are the kind of runner that likes to know all the data about each of your runs then the POLAR RS300X sd is a must have piece of kit!  


The 300X sd variant comes with a footpod, and heart rate monitor which when combined gives a runner all the information they could ever want.


Setting up the watch and all the elements that comes in the box will initially look a little daunting, but dont be put off, it really is quite simple.  There are a number of slightly more intricate things you can do to refine and calibrate your footpod for example, but those can come a little later once you have got going!


Here is a quick video worth watching!


So, onto the watch itself.  I'll be the first to say that it is probably an overkill for the average basic runner, but for the more regular runner this is an excellent piece of kit.  The watch itsef is very comfortable and lightweight.  The chest strap fits snuggly and comfortably and has a detachable heart rate reader (making it easier for cleaning the strap).  The data is downloaded via Polar Flowlink Data Transfer Unit .  Simply rest the watch on the Flowlink Pad and let the computer do its thing.


There is no point in having all of this data on a watch without having somewhere to upload it to.  Polar has its own portal which centralises your data and gives you the tools to analyse it. ( Note: Polar does not currently intergrate with so any runs you do with this watch will have to be manually logged on our platform) 


With a large number of GPS/HR watches out there it can be confusing which way to go.  In my view this Polar product compares favourably with the best of them.  The price isn't bad, but you need to shop around- the price can range from £150 -  £185 depending on where you buy it. (This is for the sd version).


What ever your training goals, your training heart rate is an important factor and with correct use the RS300X sd will be hugely beneficial.


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