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Running in the winter months

23 December, 2011 0 comments

Running in the winter


The weather outside is frightful and running in single-digit temperatures is not always delightful. In fact, it can be quite a challenge. After all, it’s not just the cold we runners have to contend with – there’s the rain, snow, sleet and icy winds as well! The good news is that cold weather running doesn’t have to mean numb fingers and ice cream headaches – invest in the right technical gear and you’ll be running comfortably in no time. What gear do you need at this time of year? When the temperature drops, your body works hard to keep the brain warm by drawing heat from hands and feet. So, aside from full length tights and base layers, a warm pair of gloves and snug hat is a must. Here are some of the best glove and hat combos that combat an array of chilly conditions…


Mizuno Breath Thermo Gloves, £20, and hat, £15 (

Perfect for high mileage slogs in crisp conditions, this super-warm set is made using Mizuno’s revolutionary “Breath Thermo” fibre that transforms body moisture into heat. Formulated from a lightweight, fleece material, the glove and hat combo makes the ideal multi-sport set – warming heads and thawing fingers by trapping heat in the cosy lining. Smart stuff.


SealSkinz Hi Vis Waterproof Beanie Hat, £25, and Classic Ultra-Grip Gloves, £30 (

Running in the rain soon makes your body chill. This is because water is a better conductor of heat than air and quickly banishes any warmth you generate – and that’s where this fully waterproof set comes in. Despite bulky appearances, the glove and hat combo is incredibly lightweight, as well as quick to repel rain and wind. A great set for cyclists and runners alike, especially those doing speedy sessions in ice-cold conditions.


Ronhill Thermal Lite Glove, £10, and Classic Thermal Beanie, £10 (

A great option for milder days, this set from Ronhill comes in a variety of high-vis colours including pink, yellow and black. Created to be light and breathable, the gloves and hat use Thermalite and fast-wicking fabrics to prevent heads and fingers from chilling out on cool days. We love the close-fitted design, which makes this running duo the ideal winter race companion.


Asics Run Mittens, £20, and PFM Headband, £10 (

When there’s a chilling wind in the air, these mittens are perfect for keeping digits from going numb. Why? Because the air pocket that forms around your fingers and shared warmth of your fingers will keep them extra warm. Plus, they come with soft material over the thumb for the occasional nose wipe! Unlike many hats, the headband warms up ears, and is also a great option for girls with long hair.



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