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Suunto Quest

27 November, 2011 0 comments

Suunto Quest - Tested by

The Suunto Quest  - In a world of gadets for runners this has to be one that you have to consider.  Firstly the health warning -  this isnt cheap! -  but do consider what you get for it!

The Suunto Quest is packed with some great features.  The most obvious that one would expect is clearly the ability to track and monitor simple things like pace, speed, time, distance etc.  But the Suunto comes into its own when its agregates data from the Suunto Heart Rate monitor.  The feed of the HR to the unit while out running ensures a very  accurate Calorific calculation.  

To wear the Suunto watch is light as a feather. You would have thought that with the amount of processing information in this watch it would be big, chunky and heavy.. but its not in the slightest; you'd forget that it was on your wrist if it didnt bleep at you every now and again.

Have a quick view of this clip!




Setting up the Suunto takes a little time, but its very intuitive and you cant really go wrong.  Downloading the data after your run is also very easy.. you just have to remember to do it.

The Suunto online download function is second to none.  The site is engaging and allows users to upload their workouts and if you so wish, download other workouts that have been shared.

When online your data can be thoroughly analysed.

If you are looking for something to put on your Christmas list this year then look no further! Check out their website 



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