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Running the world

18 July, 2013 0 comments

Running the  world -



Running the world -  Members in 118 countries

Joggingbuddy is not only a great place for finding a running partner in your home town – you can also use it to pair up for a run in any place worldwide where there are registered users. This makes it so much more than just getting a workout, and can instead turn a simple workout into an unforgettable experience. Heading out for a vacation? Away for a few nights on a work trip? Read on for six main reasons why you should definitely find a jogging buddy while you are on the road.

  1. Experience the place…with a guide!

Most people who are avid runners tend to take running shoes with them when they pack their bags for a vacation. Indeed, there is no better way than running to take in the details of any neighbourhood, while managing to see quite a lot in a limited amount of time. However, running during a trip often means that you leave your hotel and then improvise a route – you might find amazing places like that, but not always. However, if you meet up with a local for a run, they will definitely know the best places to take you in the time you have. Most probably, they will also tell you a thing or two about the surroundings!

  1. Meet locals in an easy way

When you’ve travelled to a new place, it can be difficult to get acquainted with locals at first, especially if you’re in a place where people aren’t very open in their communication. By meeting up for a run, however, you have already made your first friend. What is more, even if you don’t know what to talk about at first, you definitely have one thing in common – a love for running! But shared physical feats are a great way to bond with someone, and you might find that by the end of the run you are already invited to meet up again – perhaps to share a meal or to see a local sight together. You know how the saying goes – strangers on joggingbuddy are just friends you haven’t met yet.

  1. Know that you’ll be safe

Although you probably won’t suddenly end up in a dodgy area when running alone in a foreign country, it is still good to know that there is no such possibility during your workout. As a foreigner, you cannot know a place enough to be ready for all its dangers, and therefore it is great to have someone local with you to plan out a route. That way you won’t end up somewhere you wouldn’t want to, and can be sure that the time and place of your run are appropriate in a given place. Also, if something were to happen to you, whether an injury or the simple act of getting lost, there will be someone with you that can assist in finding a solution. 

  1. Get ideas for your trip

When you head out for a run, you’ll have plenty of time to chat up with your training partner. Of course, you might be talking about anything, but since you’re travelling, your topics will probably lead to discussions about local life or places at some point. This is a way for you to get acquainted with the culture, or simply to figure out where you should go next. Perhaps there are some local favourite places where tourists rarely go, or an event that you should definitely visit while around. Local tips from casual conversations tend to beat the advice of travel agencies by far!

  1. Learn new training tricks

People with different backgrounds also carry different knowledge with them. This means that depending on the location (and the individual story!), your training partner might be more influenced by other experts, other books, other sport traditions. Whether you agree or not, you might learn a thing or two when discussing sports with your jogging buddy. But it’s not just training techniques! Tricks for motivation, homemade remedies for sunburn or blisters, advice to buy a pair of amazing locally-made running socks – you never know what bits of interesting information you could come across when you meet up for a run while you travel!

  1. Stay motivated through variety

Everyday runs can sometimes become a boring routine. By making the act of going out for a run into an event, you can bring pleasure back into your workouts. Experiencing the world and your physical boundaries – isn’t that what running is about? When you explore new places and meet new people on the way, you’ll stay more motivated to keep running, and really enjoy doing it.

Bottom line

If you’re planning a trip in the near future, why not look for a running buddy at your destination right now? Or have you already met up for a run with someone during a trip? Share your experience in the comments!


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