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14 January, 2013 0 comments

Ergoflex -  sleep like a dream!


Sleep like a king with Ergoflex

It’s not often someone sends you a mattress to test, and not just any mattress, this one is a “temperature sensitive, pressure-relieving mattress that moulds itself to the contours of your body.”

As someone that suffers from lower back pain I couldn’t resist giving this a go.; but in the interest of impartiality I thought that I would subject my guests over Christmas and New Year to test it too.

When the Ergoflex arrived tightly packed in a box, it looked noting like you would expect.  Unwrapping it was easy enough and watching the mattress take shape as it expanded was very intriguing.   The Mattress has a bit of an unusual smell, something akin to what you might expect at a private hospital.  The smell is a clinical one and not at all unpleasant.

The mattress takes its shape very quickly and immediately ready for use.  I couldn’t resist jumping on it as soon as it was ready and was quickly reminded that this was no ordinary mattress.  There was a distinct lack of bounce!

My first night on the Ergoflex was odd.  Genuinely I have never felt comfort like it.  The mattress seemed to cradle you as you got into bed and then slowly over time offer the support that made you feel like you were suspended in thin air.

Of my 5 guests that experienced the Ergoflex, 4 of them noticed a marked improvements in their sleep and spoke very favorably of the experience, 1 of them wanted to take it home.

We all know the importance of sleep.  It’s when our body repairs itself and our minds unwind and relax.  Investing in the right mattress is key.  If you are a regular runner, cyclist, swimmer or sportsman of any kind you will know the importance of good rest and recuperation and the impact on performance.

I always thought that memory foam was all a fad, I could understand the science, but never really thought it would make a difference to me. -  I was wrong.  This Anti-Allergenic  mattress is a must have.

If you want to win your very own Ergoflex Memory foam mattress then here is how.

1 -  Like/ share/ Tweet/ G+1 this article

2 -  Make sure your are a member of  -  its free to join

3 – Send us an email to with your delivery details

Conditions: Only open to members of  Competition will close  at Midnight (GMT) on 31st January 2013. A winner will be selected at random.  Our decision is final.

If you cant wait that long and want to order one, visit Ergoflex

** if you suffer from a physical condition which impacts your sleep you should seek medical advice**



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